Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Grab a Cocktail on your Kindle!

Hot and exciting news! Cocktails at Naptime is now available as a Kindle in the US and the UK - so grab your copy today!

Fab NZ blogger Catching the Magic has this to say about the book:

"When I had my first baby, seven years ago, I had a sea of books on either side of my breastfeeding chair. Let’s just say I had the yin and the yang of parenting books. It took me six months to listen to my instincts, ditch the books and go with what felt right. I’d been told before motherhood that babies don’t come with manuals. It took me a while to realise how true that was. The only way forward was to piece together a mix of advice to come up with the best fit for baby and I.

If only Cocktails at Naptime had been around back then I might have managed to get through the first year of parenthood without requiring prozac.

This is no manual or ‘how to’ book.
    Cocktails at Naptime is a laugh-out-loud, utterly realistic examination of all the things that can happen to your mind, your body, your partner and your relatives after the birth of a new baby.’
It is refreshingly honest, hilarious and probably the best contraceptive for teenage girls. I obviously could have done with this book a few years ago as I’m now a mother to three, with the youngest being only 8 months old."

Read more of this review at Catching the Magic's blog over here


  1. Can you make it iPhone-compatible? I need something fun to read when in hospital...

  2. Metropolitan Mum....Thanks babes. It will make you giggle through those first sleepless nights!! I believe you can get it for iphone here:


  3. I can only imagine the stories that are in this book. My boys are 11 and 14 now and I have a few horror stories of my own. Things we refer to the as Orange Juice Incident, The Day Mommy Nearly Strangled a Pediatric Resident and Why is the Baby's Back Brown, and Juicy?
    I'm following back from Dragonflies@Dawn!

  4. Dawn.....Ha ha it sounds like you have enough material to write a (horror) classic of your own! thanks for stopping by.

  5. Well done on the book :)thanks for linking up to Creative Mondays ...

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