Saturday, 20 November 2010

Book Tour Redux

You know those episodes of Friends or The Simpsons where you think you are getting a brand new episode but then you find out it's a flipping clip show of all the best bits of Ross and Rachel's relationship or all the Simpsons' musical numbers like "Who Needs the Kwiki-Mart" (by Apu)? You know them? You know at first you go, "Oh bloody hell, a flippin' clip show!" but before you know it, you're sat down on the sofa and are really quite enjoying seeing all the best bits again? Well, we're going to do that. Hell, we might even throw in some new material which is more than you would get from Matt Groening and chums.

In October Emma and Gillian traveled Australia and New Zealand and appeared in some shape or form on some of the best blogs of those fair countries on our book tour. There were reviews, guest posts, original posts and all sorts of fun. It ended on November 1st, and then Emma and Gill were booked into the Betty Ford Clinic for a few weeks to recover. But just like a lot of the inmates of Betty Ford, we want another fix, so we're back touring. We're going to post all the best bits of the tour, link to our blog tour hosts blogs about the book (which were ace- must better than that "We were on a  break! schtick of Ross Geller's)  and let our new followers see what all the fuss was about.

In addition we'd like to invite new readers and friends to write reviews of their own. Hell, we'll even do some more interviews if anyone wants to feature us on their blog. So if you've read Cocktails at Naptime or if indeed you won a copy of the book on the blog tour- get in touch. Just email Gillian and let her know at:


Or just give us a shout in the comments box below.

We'll link to your review and make sure we send readers over your way.

We're going to start our redux next week so look out for some great stuff you may have missed and some new stuff too.

If you want your very own copy of the book they are all talking about then go HERE

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