Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Book Tour: Day 10: Mrs Winterpepper of Ramblings of a Stay at Home Mum

Today, Emma and Gillian THOUGHT they were going to be hosted by Lori of Ramblings of a Stay at Home Mum  but her blog seems to have been hi-jacked by a lady who, let's face it, is not our target readership. Mrs Winterpepper gives her opinion on Cocktails at Naptime- she might even be protesting outside Australian bookstores as we speak.


"Well. Goodness me. In fact, just lately she tells me she's been sent a copy of the book "Cocktails at Naptime". Quite frankly, I was disgusted. Cocktails? At naptime? Really. *Sniff*. I confiscated the book. In order to do a thorough inspection of this... this.. concept.

"I was, quite frankly, beyond being disgusted. I was horrified.

The advice contained within!! The debauchery. Never in all my days have I seen the word- well, you know the word, I'm sure, if you're reading this blog with it's foul words. That word. The f-word. Used in this context. In relation to motherhood. Mothers of small children should not be having s-e-x, ladies. It's improper. As this book points out, you'll be far too tired and leaky for that anyway, but that is hardly the point.

This novel contains information on how to be something called a "yummy mummy". It contains a ridiculously unabashed chapter on the myths surrounding post-natal issues such as sex, sleep and *sniff* chocolate. It also goes into graphic detail on the after-math of childbirth, and the routine hospital humiliation that goes hand in hand.It discusses such ridiculous things as 'body image' and the concept of actually going back to work after you have children. Imagine."

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  1. Debauchery?

    The one word guaranteed to shift books by the cartload. Mrs Winterpepper: job done.